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Shore Sails Wins in 2001!!!

Cleveland Race Week
J/24 1st

Chicago NOOD
J/24 1st

Canadian Nationals
J/24 1st

Youngstown Level Regatta
J/24 1st

Newport Fleet 50
J/24 Summer Championship 1st


Shore Sails Wins 2000 Midwinters
Shore Sails win again!!!

John Mollicone, John McCabe, Rob Macmillan, and Sam Howell won the 2000 J/24 Midwinter Championship.

Davis Island Yacht Club, Tampa Fl. 6 races, two days, 64 boats .  

The initial moments after you realize you have just won a challenging regatta are truly memorable.  Seeing the look on your crew’s faces and realizing that they share the exact same emotion is beyond expression.

When people ask why our J/24 program is doing so well lately I am tempted to answer, “it is our new Shore Millennium J/24 sails”.    They certainly help but...

The reality is that we have an excellent team.  Our tactician John Mollicone is truly exceptional.   I overheard him explain to someone at the awards ceremony  Saturday night that he believes one of the reasons we have been doing so well lately is because there is an atmosphere of trust on board.  Well, maybe the 15 beers and the half a bottle of rum we had imbibed was making us a little ... over sentimental?  But, when I think about it, he is right.  It isn’t just about me trusting him to make good tactical decisions.  We often have differences of opinion. We make mistakes.  I even lost my cool one race and smashed a winch handle.  But, when the race ends we always talk about it and try to learn.  We are constantly looking forward.  We often laugh at our inadequacies, and complement the other’s strengths.  Then we head to the club as good friends.  The “trust” John spoke about extends far beyond a skipper/ tactician relationship.  It encompasses the entire crew.  Everyone helps transport, rig and pack up.  We try to pinpoint our errors and correct them without pointing an angry finger.  Teasing never crosses the line and becomes hurtful.  No one ever feels left out, or gets left behind.  We genuinely look out for each other.  The result is that a sense of confidence has emerged.  Confidence in ourselves and our team.

Every time I race a sailboat I am a student.  Sometimes the subject has nothing to do with sailing.

Oh... and the sails really are very fast.

Shore Goes Way Back with J Boats

Bill Shore had early involvement with many of the J boat development designs, but few more so than the J 24. Shore Sails may have won more world championships in the J 24 class than any other sail maker in the past 10 years. This boat and it's successful sail inventory was designed to compete in both one-design and MORC racing.

Shore Sails introduced many innovations to J 24 sails. We were the first to design the triradial Mylar genoa, the wide girth spinnakers and the triradial Dacron jib. These triradial sails evolved into our enormously popular offshore Spider sail designs which rely on radial panel layouts. We were the first sailmaker to assist our customers to maximize their performance with an extensive J 24 tuning guide.

Contact:  Bill Shore, Shore Sails International

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